What's really holding you back?

Frustrated with results, but not entirely sure what the problem is?  Here’s a checklist to start diagnosing what’s really holding you back:

  1. Are you thinking about – and talking about – your situation productively?  What’s the balance between “we have to…” and “we want to…”? ("Want to" tends to be more productive.)
  2. How big is your definition of “we”, as in “we want to…”?
  3. What’s the level of energy, courage and confidence in the organisation? If it's low, why?
  4. How clear is the purpose of your business?  Is it only about shareholder returns, or are there aspects of your purpose that will appeal broadly?
  5. Are the values and accepted behaviours in the organisation supportive of working quickly in collaboration?
  6. Do you have reliable, fast-cycle management processes for information sharing and co-ordination of action?
  7. Is there a written set of goals, timelined plans with clear accountabilities, and measures of progress?
  8. Do you have an written, shared model of how your business works today?
  9. Do people across the business have visibility to external developments that might impact them?
  10. 10. Do you have a rich and fresh flow of analysis, insights, and intuition about the business? Could you be missing key aspects of your situation?
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