The challenge

Disruption, whether you react to it or cause it, is the new normal for business. The rewards for getting it right are huge, and the consequences for failure are terminal. So why do so many organisations continue to fumble it? That is the challenge that Menkus & Associates addresses. The key is to understand the organisation’s readiness to act at the critical top and middle levels and then to deliver a tailored activation programme. That is what Menkus & Associates does: we help you activate your organisation’s capacity to succeed.


Who we are

Belden Menkus


Belden is the founder and Director of MenKus & Associates, a research and advisory firm that helps leaders fully activate their organisation’s potential to succeed.

Originally from the US, Belden started his consulting career with McKinsey & Co where he worked across a range of service and manufacturing industries. Subsequently, he was recruited by CSC Index to help create and deliver a breakthrough methodology using emerging technology to change organisational culture. After a variety of corporate development venturing and roles, Belden returned to management consulting in 2002.

Belden is on LinkedIn, and can also be reached via email or on 020 7321 3732.

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