Case studies

Innovative Mutual Insurance Company

The organisation's visionary MD wanted to "reinvent mutuality" for today's world, but had been unable to turn that exciting idea into tangible proposals and action plans.  Menkus & Associates worked with the MD and executive team to develop a more detailed, customer-centric view of what that could mean, and further create a business case for discussion with their Board, to gain support for spending "seed" money to test and develop the ideas further.  We provided continuing support to MD and team over the next 6 months to crystallise the vision and gain Board support for a multi-year investment plan.

UK Publishing Arm of Global Media Business

A CEO was in the midst of disruptive changes in products, production processes and channels of distribution. She needed to improve organisation's effectiveness and reshape their strategy to grow in a digital world.  Working with the CEO, Board, and Exec team over the course of six months, the role and membership of Board and Exec was redefined. This gained broad agreement to a new purpose for the business, developed new strategy, and put in place a process to resource and manage strategic initiatives.

FTSE 100 Financial Services Firm

The Strategy Director realised that key strategic growth initiatives were likely to fail due to a lack of pace and accountability, so we worked with cross-functional team of business leaders to diagnose current behaviours and beliefs, and the organisational factors that sustained them.  From there, we developed plan to shift behaviours, as well as modify processes and alter habits.


Leading Transportation Organisation

This high-performing organisation wanted to increase its capacity to succeed. We used our proprietary tools to measure their level of empowerment and ‘empower-ability’, which allowed their middle managers to identify for themselves what was holding them back from being fully effective in driving change and results.  Through a fast, focused workshop process, they developed and are implementing a range of changes in decision-making practices, team coordination mechanisms, and individual behaviours and skills that will allow them to drive change faster, more flexibly, and with greater confidence.

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