is your ORGANISATION ready to sucCeed in a disrupted world?

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Components of an activated organisation.

In today's rapidly shifting world, businesses need to be able to exploit the advantages they still have, while exploring and developing new ones.  Whether being disrupted or seeking to disrupt, success will require coordination, optimisation, innovation and execution— at speed. Achieving this requires an activated organisation.

Purpose-based Strategy

We help you develop a strategy that energises and connects. Today, a good strategy describes how a business will grow and sustain itself in the face of disruption and ever-increasing competition. A great strategy goes beyond that to express the business’s higher purpose: why customers, owners, employees, suppliers, regulators, and others should want the business to succeed. A great strategy connects with our fundamental human needs and deepest drivers, in a way that creates new potential for performance and delivery. Since being good enough just isn’t good enough in today’s world, it has never been more important for a business to have a strategy that makes economic sense – and is emotionally energising. 



Management Empowerment

We help middle managers step up to transform their part of the business. Middle managers who lead, who can translate strategy into effective daily action throughout the business are essential to the future of the enterprise. And yet, most organisations suffer from a ‘permafrost layer’, middle management layers that feel disempowered and unable to drive innovation and change. What’s needed in today’s fast changing and unpredictable world isn’t more top down direction, but more middle-out leadership. Only by getting a significant portion of these middle managers to think and behave differently can you fully activate your organisation. It’s never been more important for a business to have middle managers who feel empowered and are able to activate the business strategy in their part of the organisation.


Design for Speed

We help you translate the big picture into daily action across the business. Many business leadership teams do “all the right things” and yet progress on crucial change initiatives remains frustratingly slow, disappointingly unambitious or ultimately elusive. That’s usually because the drive and direction from the top gets dissipated and diluted through a fragmented, opaque management model. Unclear accountabilities, flabby performance management, and a lack of shared ‘mind models’ of how the business works. All these slow things down and drain energy away. It’s never been more important for a business to have a management model that supports robust, fast decision making leading to on-target daily action to deliver the strategy.

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