What's the meaning of your business?

If there's an industry that's been through a more disruptive and challenging time over the last few years than the music business, then I don't know it.  And, within the music business, I don't think there's been a bigger distraction from the challenges at hand than the Terra Firma / Citibank saga. In light of that, it's encouraging to see what, as reported in The Guardian, EMI's chief executive, Roger Faxon, said recently to their employees about becoming owned by Citibank:

"The history, tradition and heritage of this company cannot, and will not, be erased by a change in shareholding. We are EMI not because of who owns us, but because of who we are - the home of the greatest artists and songwriters of the past, present and future."

A great example of knowing, and being able to communicate, the meaning, the real identity, of a business.  Which, despite what some leaders say, is almost never "growing shareholder value".  That's just something you have to do. Like breathing: you do it, but it's not what life's about.

In the midst of change, turmoil and distraction, a strong sense of what your business is really about - and how you personally contribute to that - is perhaps your biggest asset.   What's the meaning of your business?

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